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Thanks for stumbling on my website in progress. I'm Jenn, but many of you may know me as the Board Game Librarian. I am an actual librarian, the Head of Reference and Adult Services for Manchester Public Library in Connecticut. I've worked in libraries for 14 years and love my job, the people I work with and the fact that we as librarians can change people's lives.

I didn't grow up a board gamer. As an only child I played a lot with dolls, read a lot (no surprise I became a librarian!), but no games. I was introduced to the game hobby by my now husband back in 2004 with Pirates of the Spanish Main (anyone remember that???). My first modern board game was Battlecry in 2010, a Christmas gift from my now departed mother, for our first married Christmas. The rest is history! What a hobby it has been, and what a journey.

There will be of course board games on here, but expect to see books and libraries as well. Both are my heart and passion, and I'm blessed to have an opportunity and platform to talk about all of these.

Be well, and happy gaming to you.


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